Henrico J Tampenawas

A Young Indonesian Entrepreneur, Developer and Motivator
The Most Favorite Young Speaker in Indonesia and
The Most Influential Young Speaker in Indonesia.
The Best Young Speakers and Motivators under 30 years in Indonesia.
Best selling author ‘Street Science’. And He owned 3 companies when he was 25 Year,
currently has reached 8 national scale companies (Large).
Become a guest speaker on national television and radio broadcast in various provinces
in Indonesia and print media and well-known online in Indonesia.
Chairman of the Indonesian Business Millennial (MBI)
• CEO of The King Property Group.
• CEO of Eazy Property
• CEO of Indonesian Children’s Culinary
• CEO of the Maluku Sea Creation
• CEO of Freedom for All Corp.
• CEO of OMME Events
• CEO of Ratu Goraka
Millennials Motivator number 1 in Indonesia

Board Of Commisioner

Ruth Rosalyna


Gio Louhenapessy


Yohanna Ema


Indrawan Catur Putranto

Director of Business Development